The Process of Growth: Identification

9th February 2020

Bible Text: Romans 6 | Preacher: Lionel Letcher | Series: Spiritual Growth 2020 | The believers battle with sin is:

Not in regard to guilt - that has been dealt with at the cross
Out battle is with sin’s ruling power - presently

Genesis 4:7

Substitution: Christ died for sinners (Rom 5:19)


Andrew Murray: "Like Christ, the believer too has died to sin; he is one with Christ, in the likeness of His death (Roman 6:5). And as the knowledge that Christ died for sin as our atonement is indispensable to our justification; so the knowledge that Christ and we with Him in the likeness of His death, and dead to sin, is indispensable to our sanctification."

Hebrews 9:22

L.E.Maxwell: "Believers in Christ were joined to Him at the cross, united to Him in death and resurrection. We died with Christ. He died for us, and we died with Him. This is a great fact, true of all believers."

Romans 6:6

F.J. Huegel: "If the great Luther, with his stirring message of justification by faith, had with Paul moved on from Romans 5 to Romans 6 with its amazing declarations concerning the now justification sinner’s position of identification with his crucified Lord, would not a stifled Protestantism be on higher ground today? Might it not be free from its ulcerous flashiness?"

Romans 6:7

Jesse Penn-Lewis: "If the difference between ’Christ dying for us,’ and ‘our dying with Him,’ has not been recognised, acknowledged, and applied, it may safely be affirmed that the self is still the dominating factor in the life"

Romans 6:6

James R. McConkey: "Because He died, death hath no more dominion over Him,’ and because of our union with Him ‘sin shall not have dominion over you,’ even though it is present in you. Our ‘reckoning’ ourselves dead to sin in Jesus Christ does not make it a fact — it is already a fact through our union with Him. Our reckoning it to be true only makes us begin to realise the fact in experience."

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