Giving cheerfully and sacrificially of our finances is part of our worship, providing for church expenses and the meeting of emergency needs for those in crisis. Believers are not called to amass wealth or possessions (whether one is rich or poor is no gauge of spirituality), but to live as stewards of their resources.

At Cornerstone we do not expect members to give an obligatory percentage, rather to gladly offer for the sake of the gospel, following the example of our Saviour, Jesus. Through freewill gifts we assist the ministry of Christ to the local assembly, edifying the body of believers, providing resources for the broader Body of Christ and reaching out to the community, all for the cause of the gospel.

If you enjoy utilising and associated media, and would like to give so as to support these ministries, we would be very grateful for your financial support. Please see below for account details to make a donation.

If you have chosen to support Cornerstone Gospel Church through giving financially, please accept our heartfelt gratitude.

No support options available.

Cornerstone Gospel Church has closed.

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