Cornerstone Gospel Church is an independent, non-denominational, evangelical congregation. Though we began in 2002 under another name, in 2007 it was decided to rename the church as Cornerstone Gospel Church so as to identify what type of church we are. We meet for worship around the Lord’s Supper, the Word of God, prayer and fellowship each Sunday.

In this age many church-goers struggle and “burn out”. Some years ago the Lord began stirring Lionel as to how people could be involved in a local church, grow as Christians, and not get burnt-out from over-demanding church programs. The answer: Preach the gospel, uncompromisingly and teach people to read the Word and grow in it.

Cornerstone Gospel Church attempts to keep a strong focus upon:

We do this in order to combat the growing number of “false converts”, as described in the Parable of The Soils (Matt. 13:5-6). These ‘false converts’ are described by Jesus in the following words:

Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and
forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth: And
when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root,
they withered away. (Mat 13:5-6)

Though they had received the seed (the Word of God), and sprung up in appearance as a believer, when the sun rose they were scorched and withered. This is a picture of the Lord’s purpose in using trials to expose the true character of someone who professes faith in Christ.

It is mainly the fault of modern preaching and teaching that many church-goers are struggling, and undoubtedly there is a large number who are simply not saved. They were scorched by the intensity of the sun (what a great description of how trials can be: full of heat and very intense!), and they withered “because they had no root”! A true believer continually settles the Word of God deep in his/her heart. When trial came along, the Word is their to preserve such a believer.

The only way to counter this growing trend of false converts in the church is by preaching the gospel of Repentance from sin by placing one’s faith in the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Without a return to the saving power of the Old Gospel of the Bible, churches will continue struggling with the mounting problems when dealing with false converts.

It is our desire to keep the worship Christ-centred, simple, and Biblical. Each service is accompanied by the Lord’s Supper. This Bible-centred time of Worship is usually led by various members of Cornerstone.