The Process of Growth: Appropriation

2nd February 2020

Bible Text: Eph 3:14, 4:1, 1:3, Isaiah 64:4 | Preacher: Lionel Letcher | Series: Spiritual Growth 2020 | Ephesians 3:14

The Two Essentials of Appropriation
- Awareness of that which is already yours in Christ
- Awareness of your personal need for it

Ephesians 4:1

Wm. R. Newell: "Let us cease laying down to the saints long lists of 'conditions' of entering into the blessed life in Christ; and instead, as the primal preparation for leading them into the experience of this life, show them what their position, possessions, and privileges in Christ already are. Thus shall we truly work with the Holy Spirit, and thus shall we have more, and much more abiding fruit of our labours among the people of God."

Life causes us to continually "discover" our need of Christ.

As your needs are met, His glory is shown through you.
Eph 1:3

There is usually a waiting period for appropriating.
Isaiah 64:4

There are no shortcuts in Christian development.
Col 1:19
Eph 3:19
Col 3:3
2 Cor 4:11

Eph 6:10-17 Stand, Stand, Stand

Primary Book

Main Passages

Eph 3:14, 4:1, 1:3, Isaiah 64:4

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