A Life Built Upon Christ

20th December 2014

Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 3:5 | Preacher: Chris Sandford | Series: Topical Sermon

The Bible teaches about building on a foundation. That foundation is Jesus Christ Himself.

We must ensure the foundation we are building our lives upon is indeed the foundation of Christ, and not a fleshly counterfeit.

Sadly, though many have started with the right foundation, over time they have erred in some way and sin has overtaking their lives. Whether gross sin, or sin's of apathy and neglect, the firm foundation of Christ has been covered over with rubble and rubbish.

To ensure a straight and true building, we need to continually clear away this rubbish (sin) so we can attach properly to the foundation. Sin left ignored, will hinder our walk with Christ because it will harden our hearts, blind our eyes, and open the door to further sin. In order to have a revival in our own hearts we must have a sensitivity to sin, then identify, confess and repent of it whenever we notice it.

As we deal with sin by the power and grace of God, we can build our lives on the firm foundation of Christ. His word will find root in our hearts and be able to grow.

Main Passages

1 Corinthians 3:5

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