After much consideration, it was decided by the members of Cornerstone to cease meeting. After covid disrupted the lives of our members, many chose to move out of the city for varying reason. Our pastor also moved away in order to better support his family who were heavily affected by restrictions and mandates. After continuing […]

Jesus among other gods

Join us as we look into Jesus among other gods. Sunday Dec 15th – 10:30am Jesus among other gods – Part 1 Is Jesus different, or are all religions basically the same? Sunday Dec 22nd – 10:30am Jesus among other gods – Part 2

Anton Bosch – 2019

“The Light of the Gospel of the Glory of Christ…” is the theme for the meeting with Anton Bosch. Anton Bosch teaches at Sun Valley Community Church in California. He served various Assembly of God churches in South Africa for 24 years and has ministered in independent churches for the past 15 years. A prolific […]

Answers to the Big Questions in Life

Address: 66 Bradman Drive, Cranbourne West, VIC 3977 Building: Mayone Bulluk Community Centre Host: Cornerstone Gospel Church Date: 15 September 2018 Time: 6:45pm Don is a scientist and an international speaker for CMI–Australia, as well as being a writer and co-editor of the world–renowned Creation magazine and Journal of Creation. He has co-authored some of the most popular creation books […]

New Location

Cornerstone Gospel Church is moving to Cranbourne.

Build wisely!

According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. 1 Corinthians 3:10 An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. His contractor was sorry to see such a good employee go, […]

Profitable Bible Reading (part 3)

DESIRING THE WORD What exactly does desiring the word mean? There is a difference between reading out of duty, and reading out of joy. We should have a hunger for the word, and desire to read it. We will get more out of the bible if we have an appetite for it than if we […]

Profitable Bible Reading (part 2)

First things first, we need to be saved. Then there are some key points that will determine how much you get out of your bible reading. In no particular order, we will go through each one. First up: GETTING YOUR HANDS DIRTY. We must have a willingness to not only read the scriptures, but to […]

Profitable Bible Reading (part 1)

There are many great techniques for studying the bible, but there are somethings that are even more important that must come first if we are to get the most out of our bible reading. You can have the best procedures when it comes to bible hermeneutics, but unless you have the following points in order, […]

Regeneration – Man’s Decision or God’s Work?

When presenting the gospel, there are 3 points we must cover in order for our message to be considered a biblical gospel message.

Who is Man? ~ Who is Christ? ~ What Christ did?

There is another crucial part of the message, and that is the response. If we present a false response, then we leave the person in a dangerous place.