When somebody does a loving deed towards us, we are very much compelled to return the favour, to show our appreciation.
Once we understand God’s love and grace (Rom 5:8, Eph 2:4-5) we should be moved and motivated to do something for Him.
The most highlighted and important themes in the NT are serving God and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through sufferings.
Exhortations to Serve God, Rejoice in the sufferings of the gospel (Acts 5:41, Matt. 5:10-12, 1Pet. 4:13)
We should feel compelled to share the gospel (1Cor. 9:16-17, Acts 4:20, 2Cor. 5:11)
Like Moses lets continue to be people of God (Heb 11:25)
Lets work for Him (2Tim 2:15) and not be ashamed of Him (1Peter 4:16)
There is nothing better than giving our life for the One who gave His life for us (John 15:13).

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