Biblical morality is under assault in the world today. Truths that for thousands of years have seemed obvious to all are now being ridiculed as outdated. We have reached a stage where Victoria allows children to be killed in their mother’s womb up to and during their birth. We are on the cusp of legalising same sex marriage. The Bible is mocked and any belief is acceptable and celebrated: as long as it isn’t Christianity.

So how did we get to this stage? What has changed in the western world that we have–in less than one hundred years–gone from holding the truth of the Bible as the standard for life to viewing it as a quaint relic of history? More importantly, how should we respond to the challenge against its morality?

This journey started for me about four months ago. For those who don’t know me I have been hosting a radio show called Worldview Edition for the past 18 months or so, and over the past six I have moved from joint hosting the show to being the main voice. As I my understanding of worldviews has grown, I have become more aware of the spiritual battle which is raging in the culture today. Three months ago I wrote an article which I was going to post here on the CGC website entitled “One Christian’s Thoughts on Gay Marriage.” However this post, despite its length, really didn’t get to the heart of the issue. I had so many other thoughts floating through my head that I needed to work through to really understand. And so this series will be the progression of this thinking. At this stage it is just a basic outline, which we will work through over however long we need.

So I invite you to join me on this journey. I don’t know where it will go, or specifically what we achieve. I expect that we will all be challenged in our thinking. My desire is that it becomes a starting point for a deeper understanding of how we are to live and act as Christians, and how we should respond to the challenges that the world throws our way. My intention is to post weekly, but I can’t promise that. Join in the discussion, either in the comments below, or on the CGC Facebook page.

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